Vaperz Cloud StormBreaker Mod

  • £179.99

Vaperz Cloud StormBreaker Mod.

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There's no question Vaperz Cloud have cemented their name in the Mech Mod world, producing some of the hardest hitting mechs available on the market today. A lot has changed in 3 years since the release of the original Hammer of God aka god mod or HOG, each new variation following in the success of their predecessors.

 It's time for Vaperz Cloud to shake it up and kick start a new chapter with a revolutionary new Mech. Introducing the Vaperz Cloud StormBreaker. They've produced another masterpiece; a box mod that features the full safety of a parallel circuit box mod combined with the hard hitting, low voltage drop power kick that the new Vaperz Cloud Tech Switch is bring to the table. A feature in all of their latest Mech Mods.

This is a Mod you'll definitely want to get your hands on. A sleek mech mod with ergonomic curves and a bottom loading door. Fitting three high drain 21700 batteries [sold separately] into a compact slim line space. Vaperz Cloud have managed to yet again, engineer a robust and sturdy box mod with 21700 batteries that still fits nicely in the hand and feels great to hold ! This box mod is going to happily take pretty much any atty [up to 38mm] you want to throw on top and still look good.