PAX Maintenance Kit

PAX Maintenance Kit

  • £8.99

PAX Maintenance Kit.

The PAX Maintenance Kit is ideal for keeping your PAX device clean and performing at its best. The kit includes soft pipe cleaners, a wire brush and some replacement screens.

If you keep your PAX device clean; not only will what ever you're Vaping taste better, the device will be able to perform at its peek rate.

Top Tips for cleaning your Pax device.

  1. Remove the mouthpiece
  2. Use a pipe cleaner for light cleaning of the chimney
  3. For tougher build ups, use the wire brush to clean the chimney (you can also use it to pop the screen out of the bottom of your device)
  4. For a thorough clean, dip a pipe cleaner in isopropanol alcohol* before inserting it into the chimney. Then use the wire brush to give it a good scrub and then use a clean pipe cleaner to dry the chimney out.
  5. If you end up with a larger amount of build up of oils etc on the mouthpiece, screen, mini oven and oven lid; these can be soaked in isopropanol alcohol* to clean them.
  6. If you use isopropanol during cleaning, it's worth running a cycle with nothing in it before you next use it to Vape (this helps to ensure no residue is left )
  7. If you're oven screen is to bent out of shape to sit properly back into the device, replace it


  • We'd recommend using appropriate PPE, gloves and eye protection for example
  • If you have used isopropanol alcohol on your device or any parts of the device, make sure it is removed or evaporated before using it to Vape