Hammer of God Mod by Vaperz Cloud & Suicide Mods

  • £144.99

HellHound Hammer of God Mod by Vaperz Cloud & Deathwish Modz.

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Vaperz Cloud & Suicide Mods have come together to produce an incredibly limited edition of the Hammer of God Mod. Truly a work of art with a hammered stone finish and intricate engraving. Only 550 of these made, if you want one grab it now whilst they're still available.

Vaperz Cloud have made since changes since they released the v3 HOG. v3.2 combines the stellar body style of the v3 HOG with the upgraded internals of the v3.2.

The Hammer of God Mods are the infamous para-series box mods by Vaperz Cloud. using 4 high drain 18650 batteries (sold separately) in a series and parallel configuration. Allowing the hard hitting power of a series set up with a longer battery life.

IMPORTANT: A firm knowledge of coil building and Ohm's Law required. Make sure you have sufficient knowledge and are using the correct tools, atty, mod and batteries. Vazon Vapes is not responsible for any damage caused due to use or misuse of the product.