FreeMax M Pro 2 Tank Metal Edition

  • £25.99

FreeMax M Pro 2 Tank Metal Edition.

Introducing the FreeMax M Pro 2 Tank Metal Edition, one of the successors to the FreeMax M Pro Tank. The Metal Edition follows directly in the foot steps of the FreeMax M Pro 2 Tank. 

The most obvious change is the metal finish rather than the resin, the most notable change is the top cap. One we're sure you'll love ! Rather than a slide top relying on ball bearings to hold it in place, the Metal Edition has a lift and slide function (meaning it shouldn't catch on anything in your pocket or bag, avoiding the risk of the tank opening by accident).

Whilst still compatible with the original FreeMax M Pro Coils, the launch sees 4 new coils made from SS904L Stainless steel.
A more stable and long lasting coil whilst still providing killer flavour and vapour, just like the original! These new coils also utilise 95% tea fibre cotton and 5% organic cotton for superior wicking to keep up with the SS mesh coils!