Deathwish Modz Barebones & Unholy V2 Set

  • £159.99

Deathwish Modz Barebones & Unholy V2 Set.

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The Deathwish Modz Barebones & Unholy V2 Set has arrived. The awesome new mech mod and RDA from the infamous Deathwish Modz.

The tube mech can accommodate either a high drain 18650 battery or a high drain 20700 battery. Allowing for a little more freedom in your builds (ohms law still applies !). It features a smart contact system (allowing easy battery type switching) that helps to prevent arcing on the battery contacts. A beautiful 26 mm mech mod with the amazing 26mm Unholy V2 RDA to match !   

The Deathwish Modz Unholy V2 RDA is a beast; simple yet incredibly efficient. 
Featuring two absolutely massive post with durable 4mm grub screws to hold your builds in place. The posts incorporate a unique ball bearing system, ensuring your coils stay put ! 
The ball bearing system is encased within the post itself, allowing for new installation options. 

Deathwish Modz Barebones & Unholy V2 Set Includes.

  • The Deathwish Modz Barebones Tube
  • The Deathwish Modz Unholy V2 RDA
  • A 18650 contact pin 
  • A Delrin sleeve
  • A contact tool for easy switching between 18650 and 20700 batteries
  • Misc spare parts

IMPORTANT: A firm knowledge of coil building and Ohm's Law required. Make sure you have sufficient knowledge and are using the correct tools, atty, mod and batteries. Vazon Vapes is not responsible for any damage caused due to use or misuse of the product.