Aspire Nautilus X 4ml Adaptor Kit

Aspire Nautilus X 4ml Adaptor Kit

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Aspire Nautilus X 4ml Adaptor Kit.

For all the Nautilus X fans, if you would like a larger capacity tank then the solution is here in the way of the new Aspire Nautilus X 4ml Adapter Kit.

As the name suggests, this adapter kit will increase the capacity of your Aspire Nautilus X tank from 2ml to 4ml - a doubling of capacity.

How does it work?
The new Nautilus X 4ml Adapter Kit includes a longer Pyrex tube and a chimney adapter and is very simple to use.

You replace the standard Pyrex tube with the longer one, pop the chimney adapter in place and reassemble your Nautilus X and that it. A simple and elegant solution.