20700 Battery Wrap Pack

20700 Battery Wrap Pack

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20700 Battery Wrap Pack.

A pack of 25 20700 replacement battery wraps - if in doubt re-wrap !

Make sure your battery wraps are in good condition on a regular basis. If they've got bits missing or are looking a little bit tired then a battery wrap is what you need !

Remove old 20700 battery wrap and then slide new on over 20700. Replace insulator if necessary and then heat with a hair dryer or heat gun. 

If this isn't something you feel happy doing, then stop by the Vape Shop and we'll re-wrap them for you.

Battery safety is of paramount importance, there's no excuses ! Always protect you're batteries and never leave them in your pocket/bag/purse when not in a case.

*Battery wrap colour/style/size/brand may vary dependant on what we have in stock