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Welcome to Guernsey's Original Online Vape Store.

Independent, by Vapers for Vapers.


It all started back in 2015...

After successfully using Vaping to stop smoking and frustrated with the very limited range of Vape Hardware & Eliquid available on Guernsey, it got me thinking. After a whole lot of  research and making some great connections in the U.K., Vazon Vapes Online Store was up and running by August 2015. 

By early 2016 I bit the bullet and found myself a very small little shop space just off Trinity Square in St Peter Port, Guernsey. We opened the doors in March.

With my sole focus on my customers. Not only providing them with the right hardware and the right Eliquid but also with the best advice & support, my customer base grew rapidly !

By the end of 2016 I desperately needed some more space, we were all fitted and furnished in the new shop space by the New Year in 2017. It's so much better, you'll have to check it out if you haven't already.

Spring soon arrived and I was well over due some help, along came my first employee, couldn't have come soon enough ! 

November 2017 saw the launch of our brand new online store, a vast improvement on the version that started it all.

Less than a year later, our online store gets a re-vamp and now ships to over 50 countries !

Watch this space for tonnes of new products being added to our Online Store at the end of 2019 !!

The evolution continues...