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Monday 3rd February 2020

Right now I've got your attention, lets play devils advocate for a second. The total amount of reported "Vaping Related" global deaths in the last 10 years totals at 60. Okay if for a second we take that at face value, like the tabloids want us to, that's 60 deaths and no deaths are good. However...

{Just for clarification, the 60 "Vaping Related Deaths" are not a direct result of Vaping regulated Vapes and Eliquids used as per manufacturer instruction. Most of the headlines, claims and stories over the last 6 months are referring to the deaths in the United States, which are a result of people Vaping Black Market THC eliquids. Even the CDC has now had to confirm this, explaining that the common factor in these liquids is a Vitamin E Acetate, believed to have caused a majority of the illness and death in the US. Something they, for reasons we can only guess at, have been so slow to report the truth and dispel the confusion around the very real and very scary illness and deaths in the US}.

Now, lets take a look at the number or smoking related global deaths over the last 10 years, it's 70,000,000 ! Yes 7 million people die every single year and this figure is predicted to rise to 8 million a year by 2030 if nothing changes. These figures by the way, are FACT.

So for the tabloids who cherry pick the headlines and facts they print, the anti-vape flag waivers who don't have clue, those who think people claim Vaping is 100% safe, those that think Vaping is as bad as smoking, those who think Vaping is worse than smoking, those who think Vaping should be banned, those who think Vaping is a teen epidemic, those who think Vaping is a gateway to smoking, those who believe Vaping isn't more success than traditional NRT products, those who don't think people have quit smoking using Vaping, those who think Vaping isn't regulated and those who think Vaping causes cancer (the list goes on!) - TAKE A SERIOUS LOOK AT THESE NUMBERS !!

60 vs. 70,000,000 in ten years.

Whatever you may have heard or read; who in their right mind, educated, professional or otherwise can honestly say that if you are a smoker then Vaping is clearly not the safer option ? It's time Vapers stopped getting harassed and looked down upon because they are making a positive change in their lives to better their health.

It's time Governments, Health Authorities, Anti-Vape Campaigners, Lobbyists, Professionals and Scientists funded by Big Pharma or Big Tobacco are held accountable for spreading the fear and lies about Vaping. They continue to play with peoples lives to suit their own agendas without repercussion, it is wrong and it is murder. 

Look, as I said no one is claiming Vaping is 100% safe. The current science in the UK (backed by Royal College of Physicians, Public Health England and the NHS among others) state Vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. This continues to be monitored as it quite rightly should be.

The UK has the strictest regulations for Vaping and Eliquids in the world, we do know exactly what's in them and what is in them is at least 95% safer than smoking tobacco.

All we want is a balanced approach to Vaping and how it's viewed, for readers to just take a step back when they see the latest Tabloid Click Bate bullshit flash up in front of them and think about the actual science and facts before joining the anti-Vape mob.

It's an approach I often take with life in general; treat people with respect and don't be a dick.


© 2020 JJ Allen.

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