The Truth about Vaping

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The Truth about Vaping.

A clearer picture by Vazon Vapes.

So you'll likely have heard all about how 'terrible' Vaping is. Although no one is claiming Vaping to be 100% safe; if you're thinking of giving up smoking, trying Vaping as an alternative is undeniably a no brainer.

With the rise in popularity of Vaping, media coverage of stories revolving around ecigarettes seems to be a regular occurrence. Unfortunately these stories tend to be based on misguided studies or science conducted by institutes or academics employed by or receiving grants from Big Pharma or Big Tobacco. Dig a little deeper into the stories and you'll find out the headline has been sensationalised and the content doesn't have any substance at all. Sadly it seems the companies publishing these stories don't care too much about facts, just selling subscriptions and newspapers !

Despite the NHS getting behind Vaping for the first time in 2019 and growing support for the benefits of Vaping from key bodies including Action on Smoking and Health, the British Medical Association, Cancer Research UK, Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians; inaccurate stories keep popping up in the news, often just re-hashes based on old and debunked studies.

All the misinformation floating about is preventing smokers from making the switch and its not good. There's good reason why there's an estimated 2.9 million Vapers in Great Britain, of which 1.9 million no longer smoke ! So we're tackling some of the most common Vaping Myths to give you a better of idea of what's actually going on.

No.1 Vaping gives you 'Popcorn Lung'.

So this one just keep cropping up, we still get asked about it all the time. The story originates from a condition initially observed among workers in a popcorn factory. Exposure to very high levels of a chemical called Diacetyl (a flavouring that gives a buttery taste) has been associated with the serious lung disease bronchiolitis obliterans.
Diacetyl was detected in some eliquid flavours quite a few years ago, however the levels that were detected were at hundreds of times lower of that in cigarette smoke. Even at the levels detected in cigarette smoke, it's not a major risk factor for this rare lug disease. Just to re-assure you a step further, Diacetyl is banned ingredient in eliquids in the UK.

No.2 We don't know what's in Eliquid.

This is another popular one, often leaving people believing that Vaping is as bad as or worse than smoking. The reality is that the United Kingdom has some of the most strict regulations in the world. Eliquids and ecigarettes are subject to minimum standards for labelling, packaging, safety, and quality along with all products manufactured notified to the MHRA (including a comprehensive list of all ingredients). These standards are laid out in the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016, ensuring we can all make informative choices when it comes to Vaping.

No.3 Eliquid contains Nicotine, it must be Dangerous.

It's commonly mistaken that nicotine is presumed to be the main cause of tobacco smoking related cancers, it is not. Although nicotine is an addictive substance found in tobacco smoke (and what keeps smokers smoking), evidence shows it fairly harmless and actually comparable to other stimulants like caffeine.
It is in fact the other thousands of chemicals contained in cigarette smoke that does almost all of the damage, carbon monoxide and tar being two of the biggest dangers. Ecigarette vapour does not contain carbon monoxide or tar. There are some chemicals found in vapour that are found in smoke but at extremely much lower levels.

No.4 Vapour is harmful to Others.

Eliquid is typically made up of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine and Flavourings. Unlike tobacco smoke, only the exhaled aerosol is left behind from vaping (there are no side stream vapours emitted into the atmosphere).

Whilst it is clear that second hand smoke is dangerous, there is no evidence that vapour is harmful to by standers. This is why the UK Law prohibits smoking in enclosed public spaces and workplaces but does not including Vaping. Vaping in establishments is left down to the owners, who often implement their own policies to suit their needs.

No.5 Vaping leads to Smoking in Young People.

Another myth that's thrown around and seems to be a popular one consistently used by United States politicians to suit their own agenda. Take San Francisco for example, most people would consider it to be a enlightened society often at the forefront of liberal policy making. However in 2018 it became the first city in America to ban flavoured eliquids, that's right no flavours ! Their reasoning behind this detrimental move against Vaping and smokers wishing to make the switch ? Claims of millions of children using ecigarettes and being addicted to nicotine but no credible science, studies or evidence to support their claims.

Thankfully it seems the UK is leading the way in actual science to back up the benefits of Vaping whilst closely monitoring the affects on users and key areas like smoking among youths. You'll be pleased to know that the most recent report conducted by Public Health England found no evidence to support the claim that ecigarettes are a route to smoking for young people. Quite the contrary in fact, those experimenting with vaping were few and far between and only those who already smoked were using ecigarettes on a regular basis. There's also no evidence that Vaping is normalising smoking; the reality being that during the rise in ecigarette use, the opinion that smoking was 'not okay' among the young had accelerated. All while smoking rates among youths in the UK continues to decline.

No.6 Big Tobacco is using ecigarettes to keep people Smoking.

Despite the headlines you may have seen and conspiracies based around Big Tobacco merely using ecigarettes as a 'Trojan Horse' to keep the world smoking, there is no evidence to support this. Numbers in the UK actually indicate the opposite; of the 3.2 million adults vaping more than half have stopped smoking completely and a further 770,00 have stopped smoking and Vaping. All leading to increased success in quitters and a continued accelerated drop in smoking rates, currently at its lowest ever in the UK at 14.9%.

No.7 Vaping doesn't help you stop Smoking.

Well for a start the staff here at Vazon Vapes haven't smoked in a total of around 8 years and counting, there'll also be a large number of our customers reading this blog post who can also share their success stories.

In February 2019 a report was published based on a major clinical trial funded by UK NIHR, involving over 900 participants using Stop Smoking Services in the UK. The report found that the smokers receiving behavioural support along with using a standard ecigarette device compared to smokers receiving behavioural support and traditional NRT products (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) were twice as successful in quitting. Another notable finding was that the group using ecigarettes had a significantly quicker reduction in coughing and phlegm.

The facts, reviews and studies referenced in our blog post are taken from the NHS Stop Smoking and Public Health England websites. If you're looking for more information or support stopping smoking we highly recommend visiting their websites and using the resources they to offer. It's definitely worth visiting your local Stop Smoking service when making a plan to quit smoking, the evidence so far indicates that smokers using this type of service combined with ecigarette or NRT use have a much better chance of quitting.

So hopefully our blog post will aid any smokers who are thinking of making the switch in accomplishing an informed decision about Vaping.

We also hope that by giving a clearer picture of the facts, it'll also help any Vapers who are struggling to receive support from from family or friends. Anything we can do to put a stop to the reliance on sensationalised headlines and stories as 'fact' has got to be a positive, these publications do nothing to support smokers wishing to quit. So that's about it guys and girls, we hope our blog post has helped you and provided an interesting read.

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