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STANTON GLANTZ IS A KILLER, BIGOT, LIAR AND A MISOGYNIST. The supposed FDA medical professional is at it again. Not content with his previous exploits (submitting a false report about Vaping to a medical journal which had to be retracted to name one), he hasn't even bothered to reference a report this time, not even a bullshit one. Claiming smokers and Vapers are at a higher risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER TO SUPPORT THIS.

Contrary to this lunatics imaginings, PG (Propylene Glycol, one the the main ingredients in eliquid) has been pumped into air conditioners and water supplies in hospitals, schools and other public buildings for decades to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and diseases like legionnaires.

The continued baseless assault on Vaping by the likes of Stanton Glantz and other anti Vape cretins has damaged Vaping on a huge scale. The media's complete disregard for fact has not helped either; the recent illnesses and deaths in the United States are still be touted as Vaping related. THIS IS NOT TRUE - THE CDC AND THE FDA HAVE FINALLY CONFIRMED THAT A VITAMIN E ACETATE IN BLACK MARKET THC ELIQUIDS IS RESPONSIBLE (Vitamin E Acetate that is a banned ingredient in Eliquids in the UK). Damage proven in Public Health England's latest report this month on Vaping. Over half of all smokers in the UK believe that Vaping is as dangerous or more dangerous than smoking.

Stanton Glantz continues to abuse his position of power in the FDA to lie to the public and influence the World Health Organisation (WHO) in encouraging Governments to consider insane harm reduction policies, smokers to continue smoking and Vapers to go back to smoking. THIS IS CRIMINAL ! By continuing to spread misinformation about Vaping these people, media outlets and organisations are killing smokers. When will they be held accountable? Change needs to happen fast, law and recourse needs to be introduced to prevent these morons from publishing outright lies to suit their own agendas.

Here's hoping to a more truthful future...

© 2020 JJ Allen.

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