"Man Dies whilst using a Vape Pen"

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As you'll have no doubt seen or heard, there has been a Vaping related death in Florida on the May 5th.
This is a terrible loss of life but its no excuse for the fear mongering, click baiting, irresponsible, immoral tabloids to misrepresent the truth in order to make money.

TRUTH - A man has tragically died whilst vaping. (The first ever reported in the USA)


LIE - The man in question was using a "Vape Pen", he was not.

The man in question was using a Mechanical Mod, a mod where there are no safety features and where the RDA sits directly in contact with the battery. A form of vaping for very experienced Vapers with a full knowledge of Ohms Law, Coil building, Battery Amperage and Battery Sag. If misunderstood or misused it can result in catastrophe.
The forensic report was able to determine the cause of death but not the exact circumstances which caused the mechanical mod to explode.
Instead of using this mans death to sell papers and subscriptions, it should be a strong reminder that we all have a responsibility to Vape Safe. The Vaping Community has had many hurdles to overcome, lets make sure we all look out for each other.
Do not sell mechanical mods to inexperienced users.
Do not sell mechanical mods without providing relevant info.
Do get all the info you need from the retailer.
Do read the instruction manual.
Do not use any products that are damaged.
Do not use any third party parts.
Do not use any batteries you do not know the true specs of.
Do not use batteries you do not know the origin of.
Do not use batteries that are fake or copies.
Do not use any products you don't understand.
Do not pick up a mechanical mod without doing your research.
Do not use a mechanical mod if you don't know how to use it.
Always Keep you gear clean, dry and well maintained.

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