How to Spot Fake Batteries

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How to Spot Fake Batteries.

Fakes and look a likes have become a major problem across the globe. The market has been flooded with low quality battery cells in recent years. 

There's plenty of Grade B factory rejects bought up by companies who re-wrap them and market them in a way in which tries to trick us into thinking they're something they're not. 

It's human nature to like a good deal or a good price but we have to be so careful when buying 18650 and other cells used in our mods. Safety must come first, it's just too risky to chance it on cheap battery cells.

At best the fakes and look a likes don't perform like the genuine batteries. They quite often become inoperable within a few weeks, so you end up having to replace them and spending more!

Modern Vape Mods and Kits (especially high wattage mods and mech mods), demand a lot from the battery/batteries used. It's high drain and requires a high continuous amp rating.

This brings us to the biggest problem with fakes and look a likes, SAFETY. We can't stress enough how incredibly dangerous these cells can be. As a lot of these fakes, re-wraps and clones are not rated even close to what's stated on the wrap they become a ticking time bomb in your Mod. 

Failure and leakages can ruin your favourite mod beyond repair and can also cause chemical burns. If a battery comes under too much stress it can over heat and eventually go into thermal runaway, at this point there's nothing you can do but get to a safe distance before the cell explodes. 

So how do you identify a fake?

It's not quite as easy as you might think, manufacturers and re-sellers have become very good at making the fake batteries harder to distinguish from the genuine ones. Here's some helpful pointers when buying batteries.

  • Always put safety above price
  • When buying batteries, always buy from a reputable supplier
  • If you find a battery that's way way cheaper than anywhere else on the internet, there's almost certainly a good reason for this and you shouldn't buy it
  • Cross reference the specifications against the specifications from the manufacturer
  • If you have bought batteries you're not sure about; first check the weight and specifications against the manufacturer's before using them. If you're still not able to clarify it's a genuine battery, take to a designated battery recycling point. It's just not worth the risk!

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