How long should my coil last ?

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How long should my coil last ?

This is a question we still get asked on a regular basis, the short answer is about 1-3 weeks depending on how often its used.

We've heard some absolutely terrible advice that's been given to Vapers over the years. One of the best is a recommendation that certain coils should last 3 months, we can assure you this is in no way accurate !

There are a number of factors that determine the life of a coil:

  • Type of coil
  • The materials the coil is made up of
  • The PG/VG content of the eliquid (high VG eliquids should be used with sub ohm coils, high PG or 50/50 is recommended for normal coils)
  • The flavour of the eliquid (sweet flavours tend to have more sweetener in them which shortens the life of a coil)
  • What power setting the coil is used at (higher wattage shortens the life of a coil) 
  • How much eliquid is put through a coil

It really depends on how often the coil is used or how much eliquid is put through a coil. The same coil with the same eliquid could last one vaper 1 week and yet another vaper 2 weeks. I.e the first vaper vapes more often and puts more eliquid through a coil than the second vaper in the same amount of time.

Indicators that your coil is on its way out:

  • The flavour of the eliquid fades
  • Some leaking or weeping from the airflow occurs
  • Eliquid spitting from the mouthpiece when used
  • Experiencing dry hits
  • Burnt taste 

If you experience any of the above it's a good idea to change your coil. If you are getting a burnt taste its definitely time to replace your coil, not only because the taste is awful but when the coil is burnt out is when you could be creating and breathing in carcinogens. This is all the crappy and dangerous stuff vapers are trying to avoid by not smoking, it's also what the 'anti-vape' headlines are based on.

The reality is you'll soon get used to your set up and once you have you'll know when your coil is on its way out and when to change it. Once you've tried some different eliquids flavours you'll also know which ones are likely to shorten the life of your coil. We think the important thing to remember is even if using a whole pack of coils in a week, it's still cheaper* than smoking and more importantly its still 95% safer* !

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